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Beacon Point is acquired by Praesum Healthcare

Praesum Adds Managed Behavioral Health Services to Address Under-served Communities in Philadelphia

September 28, 2023

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28, 2023 -- Praesum Healthcare Services, LLC (Praesum) of Lake Worth Beach, FL announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Beacon Point Recovery Center, LLC, a behavioral health provider network based in Philadelphia, PA (Beacon Point).

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With an existing 30-bed detox facility and 90 residential beds, Beacon Point will benefit from adding Praesum's twenty-year history of delivering comprehensive care for individuals with substance use and mental health challenges. With its central Philadelphia location adjacent to the Temple University Medical campus in Kensington, Praesum is poised to further prioritize treatment for the underserved communities of another major metropolitan center.

Praesum delivers a full continuum of care to serve patients in six states (MA, NY, NJ, PA, GA & FL) from a network of medical detox facilities and multiple levels of residential care, all supported by a network of outpatient clinics. Beacon Point's Pennsylvania operations bring Praesum's broad behavioral healthcare network to its sixth state of operation.

Drew McCartney, CEO for Praesum Healthcare, observed, "Demand for evidence-based, high-quality mental health and substance-use treatment is driving the immediate need for additional services nationwide. With access to broad market presence, we are well-poised to take on Beacon Point's incremental revenue and 90 employees with a net addition of a single employee at headquarters as demands in Human Resources, billing and even 'accounts payable' are readily assimilated by our existing team and systems."

Whereas many behavioral providers task their clinicians with non-clinical responsibilities, the Praesum leadership believes that it is the duty of the patient-facing operations to focus on the patient. Its behavioral health network functions in the manner of a Managed Services Organization (MSO) model. Whereas many behavioral providers task their clinicians with non-clinical responsibilities, its leadership believes that it is the duty of the patient-facing operations to focus on the patient.

That model delivers all ancillary services- sales & marketing, call center, benefits verification, recruiting, in-house contracting, and financial functions- to support its behavioral health network from its state-of-the-art headquarters in Lake Worth Beach, FL

Lynda Micheletti, Chief Operating Officer for Praesum Healthcare, commented, "This is a logical and attractive market segment in which Praesum can deliver its proven track record of providing high quality treatment experience and services. Our ability to serve Medicaid patients under relationships that Jerry Haffey has forged with the City and State of Pennsylvania is a win-win for all parties."

About Beacon Point Recovery Center

Beacon Point Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center located at 2301 East Allegheny Avenue in the 19134-zip code of Philadelphia, PA. Beacon Point came into existence in 2018 and has for five years delivered evidence-based individualized medical detox and residential care for clients struggling with the effects of substance use and mental health disorders in the heart of the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia.

About Praesum Healthcare

Beacon Point Recovery Center is the newest offering from the behavioral healthcare family of Praesum Healthcare, which began in 2004 with a single detox establishment and has expanded to thirty facilities with Pennsylvania now becoming its sixth state to feature a credentialed inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Its team has an established business model, expert management, and twenty years of proven success in the behavioral health industry. Accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed and certified in the six states in which it operates, Praesum Healthcare is a strong voice for the recovery community in its leadership across the treatment landscape and has provided services to well over 200,000 patients in various stages of the care continuum for mental health and substance use disorders.

Sunrise Detox Centers: Sunrise Detox is a leading provider of detoxification services, offering medically supervised programs to help individuals overcome substance use disorders and begin their journey towards recovery. The ten locations throughout New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Massachusetts, and now Pennsylvania offer safe, comfortable medical detox from alcohol, opiates, and most prescription drugs. Evolve Recovery Centers: The four locations across Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are accredited residential facilities that treat the core mental and behavioral causes of substance use disorders. The Counseling Centers: The fourteen locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Georgia offer outpatient treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring mental health disorders associated with substance use.

The services of Beacon Point in Philadelphia are just the beginning of a continuum of care developed to help you take control of your mental health or substance use disorder. If the time has come to begin treatment, Beacon Point is ready to help. Dial 267-313-0606 24/7. You'll find specialized treatment for each point of recovery from substance use and mental health disorders in the Praesum Healthcare network of behavioral health sites.

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