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Marijuana Detox Near Philadelphia

Even though marijuana use is typically safe and not addictive from a physiological standpoint, it is possible to become psychologically reliant on marijuana if you consume it to self-medicate. And even though marijuana detox near Philadelphia may not be required, you could still need to detox from addictive drugs if you take them with marijuana. In either case, a supervised detox from Beacon Point Recovery can help.

If you think you should enter a medically guided marijuana detox near Philadelphia, reach out to us at 267-715-9624. We’ll determine if you need detox services or another level of support at an inpatient or outpatient facility.

How Do I Know If I Need Marijuana Detox?

In the majority of cases, marijuana detox doesn't need professional services. People can stop using weed on their own without health difficulties. Marijuana exits your body rapidly and does not cause potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms. Despite this fact, long-standing users may develop withdrawal-like symptoms, such as:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Shakiness
  • Fever
  • Cravings

If you want to stop using marijuana but are having trouble quitting, Beacon Point Recovery Center is here to help. Our professionals can explore your objectives and find the suitable level of care for you.

We can also aid you in detoxing from marijuana while you detox from other substances that produce true withdrawal. When you arrive, we’ll record your marijuana consumption and its influence on you. A supervised detox could also be warranted if you suffer from co-occurring disorders, like depression or anxiety.

What Is The Duration Of Marijuana Detox?

The length of your detox is based on how long and often you have been taking marijuana. For weed alone, you’ll likely need just a few days before transferring to a different facility with a lower level of care. If you need to detox from additional substances at the same time, you’ll probably be with us for at least a week before you may safely leave. The important thing to know is that we will support you in controlling any discomfort you encounter from weed detox in Philadelphia for however long you require.

What Can I Plan For During Marijuana Detox In Philadelphia?

When you contact us about marijuana detox, we'll first discuss whether you really need to detox from weed, or if a residential rehab or behavioral health treatment program would be a preferred option. Regardless of what you require, we will help you find the best possible services.

Each individual’s experience with detox is different, but we are pleased to share what you can anticipate from us after you arrive for marijuana detox in Philadelphia. At the outset, we’ll conduct a private evaluation to get a better understanding of your marijuana usage and medical history. This information allows us to adapt our weed detox treatments to your specific needs and design an individualized plan of treatment for you.

At that point, you’ll be assigned a nicely furnished bedroom and given a tour of our fully equipped detox facility. We supply three primary meals plus access to snacks and beverages all day. You are invited to take advantage of our indoor and outdoor recreational areas to unwind. Above all else, you’ll receive 24-hour medical assistance for any discomfort from halting your use of marijuana. Our nurses are highly skilled at managing mental and physical concerns that may otherwise prompt a relapse.

We also provide voluntary one-on-one, group, and peer support sessions. Under the direction of trained therapists, you may begin to delve into the triggers for your marijuana usage. Finally, we will get together with you to design an aftercare plan for when you depart. We strive to foster your success in attaining your wellness goals and will help you find further support for managing your marijuana use and mental health.

How Can Beacon Point Recovery Protect Me During Detox?

Fortunately, detoxing from marijuana alone is not unsafe, but we wish you to be as comfortable as possible at our inpatient facility. When you come to us for marijuana detox in Philadelphia, we do all we can to help you feel at ease.

In conjunction with 24/7 medical supervision, we also

  • Support you per your customized care plan
  • Only use evidence-based treatments administered by licensed medical professionals
  • Adhere to rigid patient privacy and confidentiality protocols
  • Treat you with dignity and compassion
  • Assist you with aftercare planning
  • Maintain a relaxing surrounding away from triggers for substance use

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