Drug & Alcohol Detox in Philadelphia

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Get Inpatient Detox Services Near Altoona

Need treatment for alcohol or drug use? Beacon Point by Altoona, Pennsylvania is here for you. Our medical detox center is a safe and comfortable way for you to taper off substances under licensed, expert medical personnel. You’ll stay in a fully-equipped room while experienced staff help you manage withdrawal symptoms with patient-focused methods. The individualized care you see here gives you a solid starting point for the rest of your addiction recovery journey.
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Individualized Medical Drug And Alcohol Detox Near Altoona, Pennsylvania

At Beacon Point by Altoona, we understand you have better outcomes when we personalize our detox to your specific needs. After a quick medical evaluation, you'll get a taper plan that our staff follows to make sure you stay safe during detox. We'll use established treatments to slowly cleanse your system while mitigating symptoms of withdrawal.

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Alcohol Detox

Detox from alcohol is usually a first step toward sobriety. Our alcohol detox services by Altoona  you detox as painlessly and safely as possible. Our empathetic staff members check on you frequently and use proven medical protocols to bring you off alcohol. This type of approach sets you up for a chance for successful recovery.


Drug Detox

Beacon Point's drug detox services near Altoona help you get rid of chemical substances from your body and start your journey away from drug use. Our caring staff supervises your treatment and dispenses careful dosages of medications that let you taper gradually and safely.

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Stay Safe With Medical Detox Near Altoona

Detoxing without medical supervision could be hazardous and even fatal. At Beacon Point near Altoona, Pennsylvania, we can help you safely detox from many different toxins. We offer detox services for:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Designer drugs
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Substance Use Residential Rehab near Philadelphia

Substance use recovery in Philadelphia is easier when you can remove yourself from the things that trigger drug or alcohol use. Beacon Point Recovery is a residential facility that provides a safe place away from the outside world during the early stages of addiction recovery. We provide for all your basic needs while you undergo treatment in the same building. You’ll have a room and time to rest, highly-skilled clinicians to administer medical care, and mental health professionals to treat underlying disorders that lead to substance use. This level of comprehensive inpatient care helps you get control of your substance use and make great strides in long-term recovery.

A Comfortable Place For Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Detox Near Altoona

Alcohol and drug detox will go better when you can relax and rest. Our detox center is here to keep you safe and comfortable, so you can put your energy to getting well. We use semi-private bedrooms with only one other occupant. Every bedroom is fully-functional and has an attached bathroom and TV. Each meal is made by a chef and served in our group dining space. Snacks and drinks like coffee, tea, juices, and water are available any time of day or night. Single rooms might be available for special circumstances. If feel up to it, you will take in some light recreational activities as well as watch a show, play board games in our lounge, hang out on the outside sitting area, or talk with other guests.

Beacon Point Is Just One Part Of Our Continuum Of Care

For most patients, detox is the first stop toward a healthier life. Our inpatient detox services by Altoona let you taper from alcohol or drugs safely and as easy as possible. Our licensed staff members watch you 24/7 in our modern facility and help you find an aftercare blueprint. When your detox is finished, you’ll find the foundation you need to go on to further treatment and work toward a full recovery.

Resources For Families With A Loved One In Detox

Beacon Point understands how drug and alcohol use affects families and that the problems won’t disappear simply because they begin detox. Our drug and alcohol services by Altoona include information and resources for family members. Call to:

    • Find an interventionist
    • Learn how to support a family member with compassion
    • Collaborate on aftercare roadmap for your loved one
    • Learn about substance use and co-occurring behavioral disorders
    • Cope with the anxiety of living with a family member in detox

Get Expert Alcohol And Drug Detox Near Altoona Now

Don’t attempt detox or rehab alone. Beacon Point Recovery Center is here to help right now. Phone or text 267-715-9624 or complete the form on this page to get help right away. An admission rep will reply right away, any time of day or night.