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Codeine Detox Near Philadelphia

Codeine may be easily obtained and regularly prescribed as a pain reliever, but it’s still a dangerous opiate with a significant potential for misuse. If you are battling with codeine addiction, the first step to healing is a medically guided detox. Over the course of detox, your body will cleanse itself of the substance while you prepare for the next stage of rehab.

At Beacon Point Recovery Center, we’ll direct you through withdrawal in a safe manner and set the stage for your long-term recovery. Call 267-715-9624 to begin codeine detox near Philadelphia today and get your life back under control.

Do I Need Codeine Detox Near Philadelphia?

One of the clear signs of an addiction to opioids is the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop. You might begin with physical issues such as nausea, muscle pain, and throbbing head pain. Over time, you might experience mental symptoms like anxiety. While withdrawal is a common signal of a dependency, there are other warning signs, including:

  • A desire to keep using
  • Development of a tolerance and a need to take higher doses to get the desired effects
  • Disruption of your life resulting in difficulties at your job, home, or school
  • Always fretting over obtaining more of the opiate
  • Withdrawing from people close to you and no longer participating in pursuits you once enjoyed

Our codeine detox near Philadelphia is the right initial step in your recovery. We’ll keep you out of danger and rested as you manage symptoms of withdrawal. We’ll also prepare you through discretionary therapy sessions so you are able to build the basis for a lasting recovery.

What You Should Plan For During Codeine Detox At Beacon Point Recovery Center

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We are of the belief that the optimal way to detox is through a customized approach. Following your arrival at Beacon Point Recovery Center, we'll complete a comprehensive evaluation to grasp the extent of your use, your medical history, and your physical and mental state. By doing so, we are able to draft a custom treatment plan unique to you.

Our proficient medical team also knows that your comfort and health are critical to detoxing successfully. This is the reason why we provide relaxing bedrooms and balanced, chef-prepared meals in a pleasant environment that promotes healing. We will track you closely and offer care as needed to deal with withdrawal symptoms that may include:

  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Whenever you’re feeling better, we’ll welcome you to take advantage of individual and group therapy. This is a great method to help you confront the mental elements of substance use disorder while getting you ready for residential rehab.

How Long Is Codeine Detox?

Most people can complete detox ina week to 10 days. The amount of time you are in our care will likely be different from others and will be influenced by the following:

  • The regularity and duration of your codeine use along with the amount you take
  • Your total physical condition
  • How you respond to care
  • Your specific requirements and past medical experiences

Before releasing you, we’ll make sure you are stable from a medical standpoint and prepared with an aftercare plan, so you understand what will happen as your recovery continues.

How Does Beacon Point Keep Me Safe Over The Course Of Codeine Detox Near Philadelphia?

The physical and psychological stress of detox can be too much when attempting to detox on your own. At Beacon Point Recovery Center, we recognize how to keep you secure and progressing toward recovery. This begins with our ability to effectively deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Our dedication to safety involves:

  • 24-hour care from credentialed medical professionals
  • Structured and welcoming settings far from factors that trigger use
  • Customized care plans to match your specific needs
  • Thorough aftercare planning so you have a clear idea of how your recovery will progress
  • Unwavering patient privacy protocols to safeguard personal info and details of your care

Suboxone is an authorized medicine to help you gradually wean off opioids. This drug is known to be beneficial and is less addictive than other possibilities. To keep you safe, we abide by the following:

  • We hold off on using Suboxone in the opening stages to steer clear of a precipitated withdrawal
  • A preliminary dose is administered and response monitored
  • Adjustments are done when necessary or other care methods considered
  • We’ll gradually taper you off Suboxone

Begin Your Recovery With Codeine Detox Near Philadelphia

Addiction to codeine is not something we take mildly and neither should someone suffering from it. The substance is unsafe in itself and it might act as a route to more potent opioids like oxycodone, morphine, and heroin. If you or a loved one need help, you can find it now. Dial 267-715-9624 or complete the form on this page to get started. We are standing by for you 24/7, all year long, and answer all communications immediately. 


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