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Beacon Point Recovery Substance Detox And Rehab FAQs For Philadelphia

Beacon Point Recovery Center is a residential alcohol and drug use recovery facility. Our inpatient detox and rehab services are an important step to your recovery. You have the opportunity to find out more about our residential facility and policies below in our detox and rehab FAQs for Philadelphia. And if you still have questions, stop in or call us anytime. We are standing by to help you.

Beacon Point only admits patients aged 18 and up.
Beacon Point Recovery Center makes our residential accommodations as restful as we can. While here, you’ll reside in one of our pleasant, fully furnished rooms with only one other roommate. Group and individual therapy are provided within a welcoming environment. Whenever you are able, you are invited to use the TV or play games in our community areas. And we supply chef-cooked meals and snacks all day long.
Pack like you might for a week-long trip. Even though we provide many necessities, you’ll want to take things like
  • Clothing
  • Personal toiletries
  • Hair care items
  • An iPod or music player
  • Things to read
  • Your usual prescriptions
  • Cash in case you want to use the vending machine
Yes, you are allowed to pack your mobile phone. But keep in mind, our staff will stow it in a protected area after admission. When you need to see your communications or respond to a pressing call, you can ask a staff member for your phone. You may also place calls with our phone with permission.
We permit women’s and men’s razors, but our staff will hold them for you. All you have to do is speak with a team member to sign it out.
During our admission process, we will complete a thorough medical evaluation to gain an understanding of what types of substances are in your body and how you are able to safely begin detoxification or rehab. You’ll sign release forms for who to contact in case of emergencies and information for family members. Then we will take possession of any restricted materials in your bags before helping you settle into your room.
We understand how important your loved ones’ support is throughout your detox and addiction recovery. Even so, our treatments are most successful when you have space and time away from outside influences to concentrate on detox and getting better. Due to this, we do not allow family visits. However, you have the ability to chat with those who care about you on our resident phone. We are also able to keep your loved ones and authorized contacts informed of your progress.
Your privacy is important to us. To act in accordance with federal guidelines, we maintain the confidentiality of your personal records. We are required to not communicate to any outside party that you are at our facility, and we are bound not to disclose any information labeling you as having a substance use disorder unless you authorize with written consent. We will give you a copy of our confidentiality policy when you are admitted.
We personalize your medications to your unique requirements based on your medical evaluation and the types of substances you are recovering from. Our clinicians are adept at administering treatment to avoid unwanted side effects. They will also help you manage your prescribed medications and provide other medicine to control withdrawal symptoms as necessary.
We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. When you contact us to inquire about a spot at our facility, we will take your insurance information and verify it with your provider. 
Beacon Point Recovery Center offers two services: medically supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol and residential rehabilitation. During both programs, you become a resident at our facility while our team cares for you 24 hours a day. During detox, they monitor your health and dispense medication to fend off hazardous withdrawal symptoms and lessen discomfort. In rehab, you'll attend different types of daily therapy to address the causes of your substance use and develop healthy coping skills for long-term recovery. We also work with you to create an aftercare blueprint to help you build long-lasting sobriety after you leave our care.
Yes, you can be admitted if you don’t have an insurance policy. At the admissions phase, we’ll be pleased to explore suitable self-payment options.
We don’t discharge you without a blueprint for additional treatment established. Our aim is to stabilize you so you’re prepared to seek additional addiction recovery support as you strive toward enduring sobriety.

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