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Amphetamines Detox Near Philadelphia

Amphetamines excite the central nervous system and are often prescribed to treat difficulties such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Despite its benefits, Adderall is frequently taken improperly for its euphoric effects, which can lead to substance use disorder. Even though ceasing use may be difficult, it is achievable when you have the proper assistance. And the first step might be through a medically guided amphetamine detox near Philadelphia.


How Do You Know If You Should Enter Adderall Detox In Philadelphia?

Even though amphetamines like Adderall are proven to be effective in managing disorders like ADHD, they are also hazardous stimulants with a high chance of addiction. A tolerance may arise, particularly when using more than what is intended or outside of a prescription. Eventually, you may struggle to focus and have a hard time completing tasks when not consuming an amphetamine.

You may have an amphetamine use disorder if you:

  • Have withdrawal symptoms when not using
  • Must take more of the substance to attain the desired results
  • Are unable to quit despite negative consequences
  • Spend a great deal of time and resources finding, consuming, or recovering from the drug
  • Struggle to focus or complete tasks without using

Bear in mind, you don't have to go through everything noted above to have a complication. Any sole indication of dependency is enough to look for support. Amphetamines can be dangerous, specifically when taken for long durations, in large doses, or combined with other drugs such as alcohol.

What Can You Anticipate From Amphetamines Detox in Near Philadelphia?

Detox is the first step in your recovery as the stimulant is removed from your body. Amphetamine detox is a little different than other drug detoxes, as you won’t be provided addiction treatment medications to assist you in tapering. Rather, our healthcare team will administer a short-lived relaxant to decrease the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

Adderall withdrawal symptoms can vary in strength and may crop up 3-5 days after ending use. Symptoms may include:

  • Depression
  • Headaches and general discomfort
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Inability to concentrate

Your comfort is essential to an effective Adderall detox. Beacon Point Recovery helps you through the process with well-furnished bedrooms and restful community lounges. You'll also sustain the energy needed for treatment with nutritious meals and 24-hour access to refreshments.

Although controlling withdrawal is a major aspect of amphetamines detox, knowing your triggers for substance use will aid you in achieving long-term sobriety. Our team will help you uncover the reasons behind your addiction. Then we’ll work with you to make an aftercare strategy so you may build on what you talk about during detox.

When you’re feeling better, you’ll be invited to take part in: 

  • Group therapy
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Peer support
  • Family counseling
  • Aftercare planning


How Long Will You Be In Adderall Detox in Near Philadelphia?

Adderall detox can last 3-5 days but might be lengthened based on your customized treatment plan. The exact duration can vary and is contingent on various factors, including: 

  • The level of your amphetamine use
  • Your mental and physical condition
  • How you respond to care
  • Any co-occurring disorders
  • Whether you have other drugs or alcohol in your body

As you finish detox, we’ll help you draft an aftercare plan that could include inpatient rehab.


How We Maintain Your Safety During Amphetamines Detox in Near Philadelphia

Beacon Point Recovery Center and are members of the Praesum Healthcare family devoted to helping individuals overcome addiction. Irregardelss of your place on the road to recovery, your safety will invariably be a foremost priority.

We help keep you protected via:

  • 24-hour assistance from licensed professionals
  • Individualized care plans to meet your precise needs
  • Controlled settings free of outside influences that trigger substance use
  • Aftercare planning to map out each phase of your recovery process
  • Strict patient privacy rules to safeguard your private information and details of treatment

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