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Aftercare Addiction Treatment Near Philadelphia

Detox is the opening step in conquering alcohol and drug addiction, but what can you expect next? As you complete your detox process, Beacon Point Recovery helps you take the next step with aftercare planning. We help you locate aftercare addiction treatment near Philadelphia to help you steer clear of relapse and keep making advancements in your recovery. Contact us today at 267-715-9624 to learn more about drug detox, alcohol detox, and aftercare support.

What To Expect After Detox In Philadelphia

Detox is the first phase of beating substance use disorders. At Beacon Point Recovery Center, our objective is to remove the harmful substance from your system while addressing withdrawal symptoms. We will keep you safe and relaxed during detox with your custom-tailored care plan. We also provide counseling so you can grasp the triggers for your substance use. Even so, our detox facility is not equipped to treat the persistent difficulties of recovery from substance use.

Following detox, you are still in a fragile condition. The triggers, external forces, and trauma that led to your substance use disorder may still appear in your day-to-day life. These factors put you in danger of relapsing and stalling your advancement in recovery. You may encounter these challenges that make it hard for you to go back to your usual daily routine:

  • Ongoing withdrawal difficulties or symptoms of Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
  • Recurring stressors that trigger substance use
  • Co-dependencies that lead to substance use
  • Pre-existing mental health issues
  • Access to harmful substances
  • Lack of constructive coping mechanisms
  • Subpar health patterns

Prior to leaving Beacon Point Recovery Center, we’ll get together with you to determine the following phase of your recovery. Although there may be various routes of treatment, the best path is where you have the chance to learn more about your triggers for substance use, improve your mental and physiological health, and work on healthy ways of coping.

Our professionals will assess the next facility -- whether it’s outpatient or inpatient -- and will collaborate with the new treatment center regarding patient intake, insurance, and transportation.

How To Choose Addiction Aftercare Programs Near Philadelphia

It is crucial to your health and addiction recovery to have a course of action in place for immediate and ongoing care. Before departing Beacon Point Recovery Center, one of our expert counselors will talk with you and your family to develop your aftercare plan. Our team members have extensive experience locating the right course of action for every individual’s needs. Your aftercare plan will incorporate the creation of recovery goals, family support, and what level of care is next for you.

While your aftercare plan might differ depending on your unique situation, patients generally move on to one of the following kinds of treatment centers:

Inpatient rehab: These residential centers offer a safe place to stay as you are susceptible to relapse. You live there for several weeks or months and undergo substance use treatment every day. Your care centers around different sorts of therapy to examine your drug or alcohol use triggers and co-occurring mental health conditions. You may also receive medical treatment for cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient counseling: Some detox patients with more moderate addictions may have the ability to go right to outpatient counseling. With Outpatient (OP) or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) care, you reside at home but attend therapy on a daily basis to develop coping skills, manage mental health, and get encouragement to avoid relapse. You may also obtain medication-assisted treatment for cravings when suitable.

We have a sizeable network of affiliations with certified addiction and behavioral health providers that we can recommend for aftercare addiction treatment near Philadelphia.

Numerous Beacon Point Recovery Center patients choose to remain within the Praesum Healthcare continuum of care and move to nearby for inpatient care or for outpatient counseling. We are also able to help you locate a facility out of our network to best meet your needs.

How Loved Ones Can Assist With Aftercare Planning

Family members have a large part to play in aftercare addiction treatment in Philadelphia. As a relative of an individual recovering from alcohol or drug use, you can assist them after detox in various ways according to their needs:

  • Attend aftercare planning meetings at Beacon Point Recovery
  • Respect boundaries and practice positive reinforcement
  • Adhere to the facility’s rules for communication and visiting
  • Participate in family counseling sessions
  • Keep away from criticism and judgment
  • Check for indicators of relapse

We encourage you to continue learning how to support members of your family during their recovery. The skilled staff at Beacon Point Recovery Center and different treatment centers are always happy to help you discover more about helping a person close to you who is grappling with alcohol or drug use.

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